ReadEZ Clip-Ons are available in 12 colours (A-L) and two saturations (lightness) making a choice of 24. Simply attach the clip-ons to your glasses whenever you need them. The colours have been carefully chosen by a team of vision experts to provide the optimum saturation (colourfulness) and transmittance (darkness) to minimise the symptoms of Meares-Irlen syndrome.

The lenses are made of CR39 (the same material as most spectacle lenses) and the clip-on fits most types of spectacle frame.

If you already use coloured spectacles, a good starting point is to choose the nearest colour to these. You can also use our Coloured Lens Selector tool to confirm the optimum colour.

When you use an overlay, only a small part of your visual field is coloured whereas when you look through a coloured lens, everything you see is coloured and the eye tends to adapt to the colour.  This means that the preferred colour for a coloured lens is sometimes different to the preferred colour for an overlay.

If you already use an overlay, you could ask an Optician to assess you for the optimum colour for a tinted lens.  Alternatively, you can try a variety of colours using our Coloured Lens Selector.